Modern Slavery Statement

As an organization, we are committed to fostering ethical and fair practices across all of our internal and external operations and partnerships.

Modern Slavery Statement



Our Business

Analysis of Modern Slavery Risk

HQ & Retail


Sourcing & Manufacturing

Partner 1: Luggage Manufacturer

Partner 2: Apparel Manufacturer

Partner 3: Luggage Manufacturer

Partner 4: Luggage Manufacturer

Partner 5: Bags & Luggage Manufacturer

Partner 6: Bags & Luggage Parts Manufacturer

Partner 7: Water Bottle Manufacturer

Partner 8: Zipper Manufacturer

Supply Chain

Partner 1: 3PL

Partner 2: 3PL

Partner 3: 3PL

Partner 4: 3PL

Partner 5: 3PL

Partner 6: Freight Forwarder

Partner 7: Streamline

Partner 8: Streamline

Partner 9: Logistics Partner

Partner 10: Wholesale Partner

Monos Policies


Due Diligence

Remediation Measures

Assessing Effectiveness

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